Grooved Steak/Utility Canadian Maple Board w/blessing 10”x14”x3/4”

Gunter Wilhelm® cutting boards are made in Canada from genuine reclaimed Canadian Maple hardwood, delivering the beauty and strength of natural wood to your kitchen and dining room. Using a Gunter Wilhelm cutting board will improve your food safety, preserve the planet while features a beautiful natural wood.

Utility Cutting Board: Combine the beautiful aesthetic and functionality of natural wood in the kitchen or at the dinner table with this Gunter Wilhelm solid maple hardwood cutting board. Wood cutting boards are recommended as a cutting surface for your knife blades and ideal for kitchen preparation and entertaining. Slice, dice and serve on this beautiful board from vegetables, fruit, and cheese to cuts of meat. Take your cooking and entertaining to a new level with Gunter Wilhelm paddle cutting boards.

Blessing: On the back of the cutting board, we engraved a blessing: Bless the Food before us, the Family beside us, and the Love between us. This two side board is a great gift for every home and every family.


Canadian Maple hardwood naturally resists bacteria improving your food safety, and features a natural wood beauty. Our cutting boards are made from reclaimed hardwood and built in an ECO-FRIENDLY facilities. Genuine wood reacts to the environment it is placed in.

Follow these simple use & care steps in order to preserve the wood's
natural beauty and to ensure longevity:
  • Do Not soak in water
  • Do Not put in dishwasher
  • Do Not leave on wet surface
  • Do Not leave in humid area
  • Keep Out of direct sunlight
  • Hand Wash with mild detergent and then dry
  • Coat with mineral oil as needed
  • Dimensions: 10”x14”x3/4”
  • Weight: 2 lb-0.537 lb
Additional Information
Model: 98-944-14100B
Made In: Canada
Dimensions: 10”x14”x3/4”
Use & Care
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