Oval Serving Platter 6”-10'' x 16”-21'' x 3/4''

Gunter Wilhelm® cutting boards are made in Canada from genuine reclaimed Canadian Maple hardwood, delivering the beauty and strength of natural wood to your kitchen and dining room. Using a Gunter Wilhelm cutting board will improve your food safety, preserve the planet while features a beautiful natural wood.

Oval Serving Platter:

This natural maple wood serving plat with rustic appeal is great for serving cheese, crackers, and meats and more. Each piece is unique Made from maple hardwood with a beautiful, rich natural colors and bark that complements any kitchen and home décor.


Canadian Maple hardwood naturally resists bacteria improving your food safety, and features a natural wood beauty. Our cutting boards are made from reclaimed hardwood and built in an ECO-FRIENDLY facilities. Genuine wood reacts to the environment it is placed in.

Follow these simple use & care steps in order to preserve the wood's
natural beauty and to ensure longevity:
  • Do Not soak in water
  • Do Not put in dishwasher
  • Do Not leave on wet surface
  • Do Not leave in humid area
  • Keep Out of direct sunlight
  • Hand Wash with mild detergent and then dry
  • Coat with mineral oil as needed
  • Dimensions: this is a natural cut and sizes may vary 6”-10'' x 16”-21'' x 3/4''
  • Weight: around 3lb
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Model: 98-988-11021M
Made In: Canada
Dimensions: 6”-10'' x 16”-21'' x 3/4''
Use & Care
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