Sharpening COMBO Whetstone 1000/3000 Grit

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About two-side Combo Whetstone: Using a whetstone to sharpening and maintaining your knives edge is a gentle, effective and efficient way. Gunter Wilhelm® whetstone have two different sides: one with a fine 1000 grit for touch-ups sharpening and the other with a very fine 3000 grit for polishing the knife edges.


How To Use The Whetstone:
Important: Take care when sharpening and using your knives.

Submerge the stone in water for about 5 - 10 minutes till no more little air bubbles appears Place the whetstone on a slip-resistant base/surface For sharpening use the coarse side. Use light pressure and move the blade back and forth (away from and towards the body) at the recommended sharpening angle (Gunter Wilhelm® Executive Chef Series 18-20 degrees and the ProCut Lightning, Premier & Thunder Collections 10-15 degrees) across the entire stone. Start at the tip of the blade.

Important: Always maintain the same angel.

Continue to apply water while sharpening with the whetstone. The stone releases small particles during the sharpening process; this powder in combination with water allows the sharpening. After a short time you will notice a small burr at the edge. Now repeat the same process on the other side of the blade. Finally, to polish your edge, turn the stone over and repeat the procedure, this time using the finer grit of the stone. In order to remove the remaining burr, pull the blade at an angle over the stone. Rinse the stone and clean off the grinding residue. Clean your knife carefully with hot water.

Additional Information
Use & Care

How do I care for my knife?
Our new knives should last forever if you take care of them. Good knives should never be put in the dishwasher. Always hand wash and dry right away. Never leave them sitting in water for extended periods. They can rust and the pakkawood can swell. The reason is that good knives are not made from pure stainless steel. They are made from a mixture of high carbon steel and stainless steel. The high carbon allows the knife to be sharpened and the stainless keeps it from staining. However, the detergents and heat in a dishwasher are too much for the mixture and all good knives will rust in the dishwasher.

Always use the honing steel to realign the edge before use. This should be done before every use. The honing steel straightens the edge. It does not sharpen. The diamond steel should be used approximately once a month or when your knives don’t feel sharp after using the honing steel. The diamond steel has powdered diamond dust to remove a small amount of metal to get your edge back. If the diamond steel and honing steel doesn’t work its time to use a V sharpener. The V sharpener will strip off the old edge and put on a new one. But try not to use it too often as it will wear your blade away after time. For a complete tutorial on how to use the sharpeners and all other knife skills, please take our knife skills video class by clicking here .

Gunter Wilhelm warranties your knife for life. It is guaranteed against any defects, rust, defects, etc. Please refer to our Warranty Page

For a complete course in Knife Skills, Please click the Knife Skills 101 video. This is highly recommended for watching by all Gunter Wilhelm users, even experienced Chefs.

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