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Gunter Wilhelm: A great slicing knife can’t be beat for slicing up those briskets and competition style ribs, as quoted from Grilling.Com

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Gunter Wilhelm The Official Cutlery Of The 2014 World Food Championships

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Taste Asia

Over the last 6 years, NTD Television’s International Chinese Culinary Competition has become a significant outdoor cultural event in Times Square. The competition brought together the most recognized Chinese master chefs from around the world over two days.

Building on this success, NTD partnered with Epoch Times to create Taste Asia and launch Asian Restaurant Month—expanding its focus on Asian food and culture.

Asian Restaurant Month involves the best local Asian restaurants, celebrating the month with special food deals, traditional family recipes, and exclusive off-menu dishes.

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Gunter Wilhelm: A great slicing knife can’t be beat for slicing up those briskets and competition style ribs, as quoted from Grilling.Com

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Any Way You Slice It

Cooking. It can be a hobby, a passion, a career or just a necessity, whether you are cooking on a national TV show, at a five-star restaurant, or like most of us, in your home kitchen, every cook or chef has one thing in common. It is universally accepted that the right tools can be the difference between enjoying the process and struggling through it.

Using the correct knife is incredibly important in cooking. Different cuisines and foods require different specialty knives, for example you wouldn’t want to use a small paring knife to cut onions or an unsharpened butcher’s knife to carve a holiday turkey, the results would most likely be disastrous. If you ask a chef what their most prized possession is, they will probably tell you it is their knives, a selection of knives that they’ve spent many years collecting. With so many choices, it can be daunting, how do you, a home cook, know the best to choose?

On Designing Spaces™ famous and talented chef Maneet Chauhan joined us to help take some of the mystery out of choosing the right knife. Her preferred brand is world renowned Gunter Wilhelm®, a choice of professional chefs everywhere, including the White House Chef Tour™ Chef Guy Mitchell.

It’s safe to say that Gunter Wilhelm knives are a spot on choice. The high quality is professional chef approved yet priced for the home cook as well. Chef Chauhan demonstrates the importance of using the right knife. If you have the right knife, it does half the work for you. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional chef to enjoy using a professional grade knife.

Choosing a well-made high-quality knife, such as the ones Gunter Wilhelm produces, will ensure you have the best knife possible for any culinary challenge you may face for many years to come.


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Generous Gambler And Pals Cooking Meals At Rescaue Missions

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Flavors Of My World

We are honored and proud to be part of a nationwide book tour - Flavors of My Worldof James Beard Award Winning Celebrity Chef and judge of Food Network’s hit show Chopped, Maneet Chauhan and co-author, Daily Food & Wine Founder and Jetset Magazine Travel Editor, Doug Singer.

Launching in their home city of New York, they will be traveling on a classic “Rock Star” tour bus as they make their way across the country and at each stop they will be facilitating book signings, “One Night Only” restaurant events (where they will be partnering with a high-caliber local chef), and a ProStart cooking competition. To make it even more exciting, they will be capturing everything on film for a reality television show.

During the book tour we will support ProStart, the non-profit arm of the National Restaurant Association has 1700 locations across the country and is benefitting over 100,000 high school aged students. Their mission is to educate them in culinary arts and hospitality, ultimately certifying them and giving them the skills they need to get jobs in a competitive workplace. In each city, the top three ProStart students will compete in a classic cooking competition where they will have 40 minutes to create a healthy entrée that is indicative of contemporary American cuisine. The winner will receive a set of exclusive Gunter Wilhelm Executive Series knives, a favorite of professional chefs worldwide. Additionally, the top three ProStart student finalists will experience firsthand the thrill of taking center stage at NRA Show 2013 and the ProStart National Champion will also win additional prizes, and the honor of traveling to Washington, D.C.,

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