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The destination for the world’s finest professional cutlery and cookware. Each of our product lines have been designed with you in mind and offer the ultimate culinary experience!




Every chef appreciates a well balanced knife. Our cutlery is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and reduce your level of effort in the kitchen. GW Knives are perfectly balanced ensuring a smooth and natural motion while cutting, slicing, or dicing your food.


Gunter Wilhelm® uses state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing techniques and process to create its cutlery and cookware collections. The outcome is nothing less than outstanding quality that is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


Once the perfect design was completed, the right steel had to be selected. Selecting the right steel for cutlery is a very complicated matter. There are many different aspects that will affect the steel’s performance. Many factors affect a blades properties and performance. The choice of metal is a major factor which will affect the blade’s performance and properties.
Gunter Wilhelm’s Executive Chef Series™ is made from X50CrMoV15 High Carbon No-Stain Steel, which is made in Germany by Thyssen Krupp. There is a very good reason why the X50CrMoV15 steel is the metal of choice for producing high-quality knives. It allows for a long lasting edge, durable construction, stain/rust resistance, and easy of care and maintenance.
Many years ago all, blades were made from high carbon metals. This is the best way to make high end blades that will last longer and be razor sharp. The biggest challenge of high carbon metals is that they will rust quickly. On the other end of the spectrum was Stainless Steel, which was originally designed for pots and pans, not for high quality blades. About 30 years ago a new alloy High Carbon Stainless (no-stain) steel series was developed. This new alloy solved many of the challenges for cutlery. High Carbon SS blaes can be sharpened and still maintain an edge. They will not rust if not left in water or put in a dishwasher. Please note though that every knife can rust. The key is to avoid the dishwasher and to not let them sit in water.
The next major factor in knife performance is the heat treatment. A good heat treatment will enhance the steel and bring out its best features. The Gunter Wilhelm® Executive Chef Series™ has a special heat treatment and is ice-hardened. Our special heat treatment determines the hardness of the blade, how long the blade will stay sharp, how frequent the blade will require sharpening, and how easy the sharpening will be.


Invented by Hugh and Stanley Rockwell, HRC value determines the hardness of the steel. Generally speaking good knife blades have a HRC at the mid to high 50s. Some new modern steels push the HRC to the low 60s value. The higher the hardness the longer the knife will stay sharp. However, the higher the value the blade has, the more brittle it becomes.
Our Executive Chef Series™ cutlery has an HRC of 57-58 which keeps the edge sharper longer, and holds up better against wear. It is easy to sharpen/maintain, while not becoming brittle.
Finding the right balance of steel, heat treatment, and geometry was our main challenge and our formula has rewarded us with a growing customer base which includes professional executive chefs as well as passionate home cooks. We are honored and grateful to become a part of your kitchen.


Like any other knife, Gunter Wilhelm® fine cutlery requires care, regular maintenance, and sharpening as needed. To ensure your satisfaction for
many years to come, we recommend the following:
Our cutlery is made of X50CrMoV15 High Carbon no-stain-steel, which is the metal of choice for high end knives. It is a mixture of high carbon steel and stainless steel. After use, hand wash and dry right away;
Do not use dishwasher or leave them sitting in water for extended periods of time. Using dishwasher or leaving the knives in water for extended periods of time might create rust on the knives, and/or damage the handles;
Always use the honing steel to realign the edge before or after use, and sharpen the knives as needed; Use a quality cutting board. We highly recommend using bamboo or wood cutting boards. Avoid glass, ceramic and plastic cutting boards as they will dull your knives quickly;
Use the right knife for the right job. Don’t try to bend and/or cut frozen food and/or bones, open cans, use as a screwdriver and /or any other improper use;
If the knife have some signs of rust (which might happen if left in water or if you use a dishwasher), please use Bars Keepers Friend™ Stainless Steel Polish (or similar) to clean your knife ASAP. Once the rust is removed.make sure you hand wash and dry the knife after use.

Basic honing technique:
- Hold the honing steel vertically, handle is upwards and put the tip of the honing steel on a non slippery surface.
- Place the knife on the honing steel. The angel should be 20o-22o degrees. Start honing from the base of the knife's edge all the way to the tip of the knife and switch sides.
- Repeat this 4-6 times on each side.


  • Gunter Wilhelm® implements a rigorous inspection and quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Starting with the production of our virgin X50CrMoV15 High Carbon Stainless Steel Alloy all the way to the packaging of the finished goods, we check, monitor, inspect, and verify each step of the manufacturing process so that each item meets our high standards.
  • Gunter Wilhelm® is proud to say that our fine cutlery meets and passes the high requirements of the EN ISO 8442-5: 2004 standard – Material and articles in contact with foodstuffs – cutlery and table hollowware -- Part 5 – Specification for sharpness and edge retention test of cutlery. This standard ensures that the materials used to manufacture your Gunter Wilhelm® blades are safe for use with food AND that our fine blades meet the standard requirements for sharpness and edge retention.
  • The sharpness and edge retention testing are performed by the CATRA (Cutlery & Allied Trades Research Association) test machine. The principal of the test is to reproduce the cutting action by forward and backward strokes into a pack of test cards containing 5% quartz under controlled parameters of load (50N), speed (50mm/sec) and stroke (40mm). Each cutting cycle consists of one forward and one backward stroke after which the amount of card cut is measured.
  • The ICP (Initial Cutting Performance) is the total depth of card cut during the first three cutting strokes and is a measure of the initial sharpness of the blade. The CER (Cutting Edge Retention) is the total depth of card cut during the test, and is a measure of the ability of a cutting edge to resist wear throughout its useful life.


Gunter Wilhelm is the only cutlery manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty that covers you against manufacturing defects as well as accidents.


Once the knives are manufactured, Gunter Wilhelm® uses a direct sales channel to reach our customers. This means that we offer the consumer a factory direct price. This approach enables us to offer our high quality cutlery at an affordable price which is 30%-60% less than the retail price of similar blades made from X50CrMoV15 High Carbon Stainless (and without our additional unique features i.e. patented triple-tang handle design and superior workmanship we offer).


Gunter Wilhelm® offers a factory direct sales channel to reach its customers. Our approach enables us to offer our high end, high quality cookware at an affordable price which is 40%-60% less than the retail price of a similar 5 PLY stainless cookware products that don’t have all our unique features.



30 Days, 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. Gunter Wilhelm is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction with a 30 days money back guarantee. No questions asked.


We are here to serve our customers and partners who are part of the Gunter Wilhelm family and we will do our best to support, assist and satisfy your needs. Each item in our product line has been designed with you in mind and offers the ultimate culinary experience.

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