The Journey

In 2002, Gunter Wilhelm® was born with the mission to design, manufacture, and market an outstanding brand of high-quality knives and cookware at an affordable price. After interviewing hundreds of chefs in the New York City metropolitan area about what features they would like to have, the challenge was clear. These chefs wanted a more balanced, heftier knife, with a sharp heel, and smooth corners. They wanted a balance of form and function; a knife to match the artistry of their signature dishes. Thus the journey started.

After an intensive R&D effort, and many prototypes, our Executive Chef Series was created. Our unique, patented triple-tang handle design that features a balanced blade, ergonomic hold, high-quality cutlery collection with high attention to detail, and fine workmanship add a layer of comfort and efficiency to help your productivity in the kitchen.

Gunter Wilhelm® was born

After much research, Gunter Wilhelm® decided to use the reputable X50CrMoV15 High-Carbon Stainless Steel alloy from the largest manufacturer in Germany, Thyssen Krupp. This high quality virgin X50CrMoV15 steel (known in the USA as 440) together with a special heat treatment and ice-hardening process allows our cutlery to have a long lasting edge, durable construction, stain/rust resistance and ease of care and maintenance.

For the Executive Chef Series manufacturing process, Gunter Wilhelm® selected an optimized multi-step manufacturing process, where the attention to detail and fine workmanship bring out the beauty and comfort that are associated with our fine cutlery. The outcome is nothing less than outstanding and unmatched in both quality and value.

Gunter Wilhelm® sales activities started by word of mouth, demonstrations at wine and food festivals, professional restaurant trade shows, and then slowly growing through website sales. Celebrity chefs like David Burke and Ralph Pagano, and Hollywood stars such as Jane Seymour, have all embraced Gunter Wilhelm's knives.

New Produces and Activities – Timeline

2009: New Nationwide Sales Channels - Price Clubs

The quality, value, and customer service of Gunter Wilhelm® caught the attention of price club stores. This then opened up the possibility of providing high-quality professional grade knives to the professional chefs, as well as to the passionate amateur chef. Gunter Wilhelm® raised the bar and in 2010 we built a nationwide infrastructure to support its rapidly growing sales force, and established its headquarters in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and an additional warehouse in Los Angeles California.

2010: 5PLY Stainless Steel State-of-the-art Cookware

In 2010, we decided to take on the challenge of creating a new innovative cookware system that puts you in mind. We looked for creative and advanced solutions, in order to create an outstanding cookware system that will honor our legacy and will make us proud to be part of your kitchen. With the same dedication that led to our fine cutlery, we were able to create our 5 PLY stainless steel cookware system with extra attention to you and your loved one’s health, cookware efficiency, features, maintenance, and affordability. In addition to many breakthrough features, this new cookware offers an induction ready capabilities. These include rivet-less handle construction and patented see-through standing lids. In a very short period of time our new cookware system was accepted and recognized by professional chefs, celebrities,and home cooks as an innovative, remarkable cookware. It combines high-quality, advanced/unique features and superior performance.

2013: First International Sales Activities

In 2013, Gunter Wilhelm® started its first international marketing and sales activities offering its cutlery and cookware product lines to the global markets.

2015/2016: ProCut and ProCook Product Lines

It was clear that Gunter Wilhelm® had to keep innovating and moving forward. The challenge was significant – How to improve an already great product?!. With the inputs of thousands of professional chefs and passionate home cooks, the challenge was substantial and so were the expectations. Imagining, innovating, and creating the next generation of Gunter Wilhelm® cutlery and cookware lines wasn’t an easy task AND after three years of extensive research and development efforts, we were able to introduce our new Made-in-Germany remarkable and amazing cutlery and cookware lines: Lightning ProCut, Thunder ProCut, Premier ProCut and ProCook. All new lines were designed from scratch with you, and your loved ones in mind.


Gunter Wilhelm® products collections have exceptional ratings and are used by the iconic White House Chef Tour®, executive, professional and celebrity chefs, top-ranked restaurants and numerous passionate home cooks and chefs all over the world.

Gunter Wilhelm® is proud to be The Official Cutlery and Cookware of The White House Chef Tour™ (2010 to present), the Official Cutlery of the World Food Championships™ (2014 to 2017), the award winner of the New Jersey Restaurant Association Hall of Fame (2015), the Official Cutlery and Cookware of the Great American Cookout (2017), endorsed by the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS 2017). Our find products were recommended by,, Fox Health News, Bride & Groom, Wedding Guide Chicago, Grillocracy, WholeFoods Magazine and many other outlets. Lastly, we are humbled and honored to become the first choice of numerous professional chefs and home cooks like YOU.

We thank each one of you! Your support and kind advice pushed us to improve ourselves and products. Each one of our product lines have been designed with you, and your loved ones in mind and offers the ultimate culinary experience. We are proud to offer our products and to serve our customers. We will do our best to support and assist. We welcome you and invite you to join the Gunter Wilhelm family.

The Difference

Gunter Wilhelm® products collections have exceptional ratings and are used by the iconic White House Chef Tour® (White House, Vice President’s residence, Camp David etc.), executive, professional and celebrity chefs, top ranked restaurants and numerous passionate home cooks and chefs all over the world.

Each of our product lines have been designed with you in mind and offer the ultimate culinary experience. We are here to serve our customers and we will do our best to support, assist and satisfy your needs. We welcome you, and invite you to join the Gunter Wilhelm family.

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