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Leather Knife Bag (Black w/ Red Stitches)
Leather Knife Bag (Black w/ Red Stitches)
Leather Knife Bag (Black w/ Red Stitches)
Leather Knife Bag (Black w/ Red Stitches)

Leather Knife Bag (Black w/ Red Stitches)

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The black leather with red accents is sure to turn heads and lets everyone know you are serious about your cooking. This is a working piece of art, though, and can take a beating - the slots are all stitched, glued and riveted; the flexible flaps are lined with suede for protection and stability; the handle is reinforced with a carbon fiber bar to support the weight of the knives and bag; and the belts and straps are double thickness for ultimate longevity. As usual, all stitching is done using double bonded American & Efird thread, HK snap hooks, and coated with a 100% food safe Nano Coating by NanoTech Products Pty Ltd which protects the roll from dirt, water, and some oils.

Leather color may vary slightly.

* We offer knife roll personalization with your name, initials, logo, or art design. Please contact us for more information.

• Dimensions:

  • Rolled up Empty Dimensions: 18 ¾” x 4 ½”
  • Open Empty Dimensions:: 30” x 18 ¾” x 1”

How do I care for my knife? 

Our new knives should last forever if you take care of them.  Good knives should never be put in the dishwasher.  Always hand wash and dry right away.  Never leave them sitting in water for extended periods.  They can rust and the pakkawood can swell.  The reason is that good knives are not made from pure stainless steel.  They are made from a mixture of high carbon steel and stainless steel.  The high carbon allows the knife to be sharpened and the stainless keeps it from staining.  However, the detergents and heat in a dishwasher are too much for the mixture and all good knives will rust in the dishwasher.  

Always use the honing steel to realign the edge before use.  This should be done before every use.  The honing steel straightens the edge.  It does not sharpen.  The diamond steel should be used approximately once a month or when your knives don’t feel sharp after using the honing steel.  The diamond steel has powdered diamond dust to remove a small amount of metal to get your edge back.  If the diamond steel and honing steel doesn’t work its time to use a V sharpener.  The V sharpener will strip off the old edge and put on a new one.  But try not to use it too often as it will wear your blade away after time.   For a complete tutorial on how to use the sharpeners and all other knife skills, please take our knife skills video class by clicking here .  

Gunter Wilhelm warranties your knife for life.  It is guaranteed against any defects, rust, defects, etc.  Please refer to our Warranty Page

For a complete course in Knife Skills, Please click the Knife Skills 101 video.   This is highly recommended for watching by all Gunter Wilhelm users, even experienced Chefs. 

How do I clean my cookware?

To maintain your mirror non-stick finish, we recommend the use of non-metal, silicon kitchen tools only. Plastics may melt on the surface and be difficult to remove.

When using your cookware for the first time it is recommended to clean using something such as dawn or some non-abrasive dishwashing detergent.

Only use Barkeepers Friend stainless steel polish for cleaning. It is non-abrasive and will keep your mirror finish.

Never use anything abrasive or rough such as a brillo pad or the rough side of a sponge. Use only soft cellulose sponges.

The best way to clean is to heat the pan and use a silicon spatula to loosen up the bottom and then rinse.

While this dishwasher safe, it is so easy to clean, hand washing is recommended.

This cookware is oven safe until 500 degree F.

It is highly recommended to use a silicon trivet on top of the induction unit if cooking on the induction. The trivet will allow the magnetism to pass while keeping the induction unit cooler.

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Our Customers have enjoyed a Guarantee that insures the Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery & Cookware use of products will be as good tomorrow as the first time they used it. We want you to enjoy many years of use with these precision cutting instruments and cookware.

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(a) all parts of the products (except as noted below) and (b) defects in workmanship or materials under normal use and conditions in the United States of America. For purposes of this Warranty, “normal use and conditions” means use and conditions that (i) are in connection with appropriate culinary purposes as intended by Gunter Wilhelm and (ii) are not described in whole or part in the exclusions outlined in the next part of this Warranty.


Gunter Wilhelm products are professionally crafted tools, but are not indestructible, so each of the following is excluded from this Warranty: 

- Injuries and damage (including without limitation bent tips, chipped or broken blades and melted handles) caused by or resulting from in whole or part any or all of the following: modification(s) not authorized by Gunter Wilhelm misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of God (including without limitation fire, tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes), accident, inappropriate use (including without limitation cutting frozen foods or bones, opening jars or cans and cutting on dense surfaces (such as cooling racks, glass, granite and stainless steel);
- Each Gunter Wilhelm product that is made of wood or, in the case of a product—such as a knife with a wooden handle—that combines wood and other materials, only the wooden portion, because wood is a natural product that cannot be guaranteed (please contact Gunter Wilhelm Customer Service at the number below to discuss options for such products);
- Sharpening tools and honing steels, due to their abrasive nature; and Customary wear and tear, including without limitation straight-edge and serrated blades that are dull, bent, scratched, corroded or marked.

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Executive Chef - Maneet Chauhan

“Gunter Wilhelm knives have become a necessity for me in the kitchen. The design is unlike any other I have used. It has a comfort level that is superlative and once tried, will have you hooked for life. They clearly did their homework prior to designing these world-class tools. You won’t catch me in the kitchen without a Gunter Wilhelm knife in my hand.”

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